From 1970 through 2012 I have appeared on numerous national and local television programs. The TV coverage varied: Captain Kangaroo, Eyewitness News, The Discovery Channel. So many were interested in my game Connect 4. The most asked question was: How did I invent the game? (Watch the video “Connect Four, TV Interviews”, below.)

I never get tired of explaining how I invented Connect 4 because I believe it is one of those “eureka” moments. It illustrates so well and so succinctly the process of invention. In simple terms, I placed a thought in my mind. Inventing games was how I started in the toy industry. I remember thinking that I wanted to invent a game that was different from any other game ever invented. Wow. That was quite a statement, but it worked. You will see and hear the story watching these videos. It is a story I have told over and over again for the last 38 years.

I am very proud to be the inventor and designer of a game that is played around the world.

Connect Four
TV Interviews (5 min.)

Connect Four
TV cameo appearances (7 min.)

H.W. Inventions
Meet the inventors (10 min.)

H.W. Inventions
Study with the best (5 min.)

Captain Kangaroo Show
Wooden Toys (11 min.)

Stuyvesant High School
Correct Me If I'm Wrong (2 min)

Howard Wexler Toy Inventor Interview

H.W. Retrospective
Interview (13 min.)

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