While on vacation in 1978, I brought along a sketchbook and a handful of permanent markers and was on my way with what would become a lifetime of drawing and creating art with various mediums. To this day I always have a black pen and a small pad of paper to take with me wherever I go.

Here is a sampling of work from approximately 5000 pieces I have produced. (I am actually in the process of compiling and publishing all this work into a two-volume book). The maximum size of my individual pieces is 18” x 24”. The sketchbooks range in size with the smallest being 2” in height. Many are bound in leather with paper ranging from fine linen to rag/hemp.

The basis of all my work has been the permanent marker sometimes enhanced with gouache or white out. I loved to tear paper to paste on other surfaces, which are my collages. I sought out different papers such as grocery bags, newspaper, lined notepads. Then there is my “composite” art. In a sketchbook I used several consecutive pages to create layers. Each page was torn somewhere, acting as a window to reveal art on the following page and each layer became a completed piece of art in itself.

You will notice recurrent themes in all my work over these 30+ years: black lines, swirls, circles and squares. Every year they evolved into more complex imagery.

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